David Beckham Cell Phone Commercial

Whether you’re David Beckham, a global footballer or a superstar of your subdivision, you’re done with all the confusing little characters, the complicated offers and other so-called stuffed offers.
David Beckham is not only an instant fashion magnet, but now he is Sprint’s last spokesperson. Beckham is playing in a new ad promoting Sprint’s All-In Wireless program. Speaking of the partnership, he shares: “When [Sprint CEO] Marcelo [Claure] and I talked, he said that for most people, buying a cell phone can be one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable. But with Sprint All-In, the goal is to simplify things and create value for people. David said in a statement about his partnership.

David Beckham Cell Phone Commercial

About Sprint Unlimited Commercial TV, “Game Changers: iPhone X” featuring David Beckham
Sprint believes David Beckham is a game changer, stating that he has changed the physics of football, the way people dress, and the way people wear their hair. The athlete even gave the term “papa bod” a new meaning. When Apple released the iPhone X, Sprint believed that David knew he had to be on a network capable of supporting all his wonders with unlimited conversations, text and data. Sprint says it can provide these services.

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