Different Btw Andoid and iPhone Meme

Here at the Techwebspace, we are more than just smartphones, tablets and other geek gadgets. There is a whole culture behind the Android scene. the one that people tend to be very vocal. And if we can not express our love for Android in person, we will do it online.

There are many memes and other fun contents. We aim to take our favorites and put them in this post for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind that these are not meant to attack someone or to take sides, these are just pictures that should bring a smile or two to your face. Let’s have fun!
It happens to the best of us. Then you remove your phone a second time and … forget to check the time again.

Do we have Dragon Ball fans? There are Star Trek fans and of course Star Wars.
This one is a favorite. It never gets old … unless you always use BlackBerry.

These images became very popular for a moment. It’s the ultimate battle: Android vs. iOS. And it will not end soon. In fact, most Android memes are somehow related to Apple. Leonardo DiCaprio agrees.

But it’s not just about price, is it? That’s all you can do with a phone, and Android users like to brag about having more Android features and use them before Apple smartphone owners.

No longer really applies, but we all remember Flash’s days.

In addition, we like to make fun of all the problems faced by Apple devices. And we never forget them. Remember #bendgate?

When Apple finally made the iPhone bigger … just making it longer. It was after swearing for years that their 4-inch screens were perfect. Now they have huge iPhone 6+ screens.
Then there are others, who defended BlackBerry OS (the company now makes Android phones) and Windows Phone (failed miserably).
But we try to be fair and recognize the problems within the Android community. After all, it’s about having fun.

Open Fragmentation Signal Android

It’s not really a meme, but it definitely pissed us off for years. All this talk of fragmentation had made me crazy! Should we say something about the next?
Oh, and there are some great videos too! Do you remember those “Sh * t Apple fanatics” videos? I always look at them on dark days, just to cheer up.

What is your favorite meme related to Android?

Do you have funny memes or patterns related to Android? Share in comments! Also, let us know which of these is your favorite.

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