How to Download Galaxy Note 4 Wallpapers

Now that Note 4 device has received a warm welcome from hordes of enthusiastic fans, it’s time for the device to go through the typical phases of product launches in the Android world. One of these ritual phases is the leakage of various software goodies found on the device, including the wallpapers with which the device is delivered by default.

So, here we bring you some of the high-resolution wallpapers present on note 4. The complete collection has not fled yet, but do not panic, it’s only a matter of time up someone gets a ROM from the device and proceeds to tear apart.
This is 2560 × 2560 images, to match the beautiful Quad HD screen of the Note 4, but you can easily use them on any other device.

Because the native files are so large, we have only inserted small samples of the wallpapers in this post, with full versions available on this link, courtesy of the Droid-Life folks.
Below are the samples of the available wallpapers for galaxy note 4 android device. Check it here and go to the above link for full wallpapers and deep details.
To know all about the new note 4, check out the publication, news, and comparisons with Note 3, Galaxy S5 and LG G3.

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