Final Fantasy 15 ‘Justice Monsters Five List Of Rewards: All Objects And Accessories You Can Win Mini-Mini Pinball (PC Version)

Looking for a way to get powerful equipment for Noctis and his friends in the early hours of Final Fantasy 15? Invest a little time playing Justice Monsters Five mini-games at Crow’s Nest and Altissia will allow you to quickly get PO items. Here is a complete list of all the prizes you can win.

Justice Monsters Five is a pinball mini-game in Final Fantasy 15 where you “fight” against enemies and bosses, exhausting their HP with blows and combo hits for prizes like curative items or equipment accessories.

The rewards you get from playing Justice Monsters Five depend on the number of Chocobo Chests you manage to collect. (These are the golden rectangles that appear in the slot machine reels when you clear a trick.) You can only get one prize per game, so if you win 99 treasures you will only get the first prize and not every reward up to and including 99.

FFXV Justice Monsters Five machine slots: where to find them

All Justice Five Monster machines are easily found in every Crow Nest Nest. There are five outposts of the restaurant at Lucis: the Longwythe Rest Area, the Coernix – Alstor Station, the Cauthess Rest Area, the Talepar Rest Area and the Old Lestallum.
Square Enix on Friday released important news for fans of Final Fantasy 15 at PAX East, confirming that it will produce new content for the game at least until summer 2019.

This story is developing and will be updated.

The biggest announcements of PAX East’s developer panel are undoubtedly the four new DLC episodes, which focus on Ardyn, Lunafreya, Aranea and Noctis. It seems that this new content will present fans an alternative version of the story of Final Fantasy 15, described during the panel as “a future that everyone expected”. This modification or addition to the story of the game may see Ardyn and Noctis as allies rather than enemies.

The new DLC should be launched between winter 2018 and summer 2019.

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